Tips for making your home photo-ready

We would like to help you present your house as beautifully as possible. For this it is of utmost importance that you make a good preparation. With these tips, you are assured of a beautiful photo reportage!

We would love to help you to present your property in the nicest way possible. It’s very important to be well-prepared before the photoshoot takes place and therefore we would like to provide you with some tips and tricks. If you keep these in mind, you will be assured of beautiful photos of your property!


Make sure the house is clean and tidy and that the following things are out of sight:

❏ Toys
❏ Clothing
❏ Personal and / or valuable items
❏ Photo frames
❏ Books/magazines
❏ Mail, keys, ashtrays and other loose items
❏ Pet items such as food bowls, baskets and toys
❏ Make sure the floor in every room is empty and clean
❏ Do not overcrowd rooms and windowsills
❏ Open all curtains and blinds
❏ Clean all windows and mirrors


❏ Repair minor defects such as loose door handles, curtain rails, loose electrical cables, etc.
❏ Make sure the paintwork is neatly updated


❏ Show the house as open as possible and open all the curtains and blinds
❏ If necessary, prune any hedges or trees in front of the home
❏ Keep the front yard tidy, mowed and swept
❏ Make sure there are no cars in front of the house, or put your own car in front of the door so it can be moved
❏ Make sure that garbage cans are out of sight
❏ Make sure no rubbish/debris is visible on the roof and gutter


❏ Remove coats, shoes, and other items
❏ Remove the doormat


❏ Store personal items, books/magazines, toys and loose items such as remote controls.
❏ Make sure there is not too much furniture
❏ Show the living room as spaciously as possible; make sure the floor is empty and clean and rearrange the furniture to emphasize the spaciousness


The kitchen must be tidy, clean, fresh and bright:

❏ Make sure the counter top is empty and free of unnecessary items such as a soap dispenser, knife block, bottles, etc.
❏ Store all (dish)cloths
❏ Keep the trash can out of sight


❏ Store all personal items and stuffed animals
❏ Tidy up clothes and bathrobes
❏ Change the beds with neutral bedding and make the bed tight


This space must also be clean, fresh and bright:

❏ Remove all loose items such as toothbrushes
❏ Remove lime scale stains and clean the sealings between the tiles
❏ Also remove towels, bath mats, etc.
❏ Remove toilet mats, toilet brushes and toilet roll holders
❏ Close the toilet lid


❏ Remove household items such as the ironing board and laundry baskets
❏ Make sure that items in a work or study room are organized
❏ Make sure the attic, shed and / or storage area is as tidy and clean as possible
❏ Dispose of unnecessary items


❏ Put away garbage bins/ waste containers
❏ Remove all loose items such as watering cans, etc.
❏ Mow the grass and remove weeds
❏ If necessary, provide new plants and flowers
❏ Make sure that no rubbish/ debris is visible on the roof and gutter