Measures and guidelines COVID-19

Measures and guidelines COVID-19 – effective from 15-12-2020

Dear all,
We would like to start off with saying that we hope that everyone is doing well. We are all living in a new reality for quite a while now and somewhat got used to all the extra measures and guidelines provided by the government and RIVM. However due to the lockdown in the Netherlands, we need to take some extra measures within our home search service. Therefore we would like to inform you about these measures we took to adapt to this situation and the strict regulations that will come with these, so that we can guarantee the safety of our clients and employees:

  • The home search can still take place in person, however only with one assignee. The assignee is not allowed to bring their partner/other family members to the viewings
  • Assignee can join our agent in the back of the car, however with a face mask on. Our cars are also equipped with plexi glass covers between the front and back seat
  • Face masks are obligated for both agent and assignee during the complete home search. This means in the car but also during the viewings
  • We would advise for consultants not to join during the home search. If a consultant joins they would need to arrange own transportation. Secondly during the viewings agent, assignee and consultant must take turns entering the properties. This because only 2 people are allowed together outside and in the house. The 3rd person meanwhile must wait outside/in the car
  • If there is an appointment with another real estate agent, arrangements will be made to make sure not more than 2 people will be in the same property at the same time.

With the above extra measures we feel confident to safely continue with our home searches in the coming period. We think it’s important to inform the expats on before hand as well, so that they know what to expect and can be reassured that we will do anything possible for their safety.

If there are any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on